BA in Leadership & Organizational Studies

Bachelor's Completion Program

Leadership is a capacity — rather than a skill — one which we need now more than ever and one that develops through a longer learning process. As we find we need new ideas and approaches in the workplace, we realize that understanding leadership is necessary to move forward in the 21st century. Leadership means working with true collaboration to address problems and issues. It’s about adapting to change and working with and through relationships.

Program Details

Program Duration

Sequence of 12 courses designed to build skills that are applicable beyond the workplace. This is a program designed to help you grow and succeed, not just receive a diploma.

Learning Environment

One in-person session on campus per month, with readings and online discussions in between.

Average Class Size

15-18 learners per cohort. Cohort members in the program form a learning community. Your success starts with connections.

Alumni Felicia S.“I (had) heard from other adult learners that this program enriched their lives in a way that was totally different than any other place. I felt like I was a number at the other places... and here I felt, Oh gosh, I love this place.”

— Felicia S.




Alumni Diane H“I’ve felt, as we complete each course, that there is a method to the madness, people have sat down and thought about the program. They’ve thought about what we need to do to be successful and made it truly meaningful.”

— Diane H.