Que(e)ries: Diverse Genders and Sexualities Action Subcommittee

In the Spirit of our Lasallian Catholic* heritage, we are committed to respect for and holistic development of all persons. We recognize that our community includes individuals with vast and intersectional identities including diverse gender identities, gender expressions, sexualities, sexual expressions, family, and relational structures and backgrounds. As such we aim to actively inform and support policies, practices, and actions that affirm and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ communities at Saint Mary's College. We will do this via the promotion of equitable and collaborative work grounded in rich traditions of resistance, liberation, and social justice. 


The subcommittee demands accountability from Saint Mary's College of California, as a community and institution, to recognize and address rather than react to circumstances of inequitable treatment of individuals with diverse gender, sexual, and relationship expressions and identities. As such the committee exists: 

  • To advocate for a campus community in which all students, staff, and faculty of all** genders, sexualities, and relationships are welcome and safe and that both are clearly communicated to all persons.
  • To advocate, promote and implement structural changes in campus policies, procedures, and practices that are inherently hetero- and gender-normative.
  • To reveal, center, and celebrate diverse expressions of gender, sexuality, and relationship through cultural, symbolic, and discursive means, which challenge normative assumptions and hegemonic representations.
  • To uplift and amplify historically marginalized and silenced voices in the community

*We acknowledge that the Catholic Church continues to put forward teachings that exclude and as a result inflict harm on individuals and communities who express non-binary and non-heteronormative genders and sexualities. In the spirit of renewal, we commit to continue to engage in difficult dialogues to make change together in community at Saint Mary’s College.

**The subcommittee acknowledges that the use of the term “all” includes those individuals that do not identify with any gender(s), sexual orientation(s), and emotional/romantic relationship(s).

Read the entire and official charge of the Que(e)ries subcommittee here.




The new CCIE subcommittee, Que(e)ries: Diverse Genders and Sexualities Action Subcomittee will be holding our second virutal meeting October 20, 2021 from 4:00-5:00pm. Please find specific meeting information here


To express interest in joining our subcommittee for the 2021 - 2022 academic year, please fill out this 3 question form.



We look forward to collaborating with many of you and moving toward a year of action, education, and community building. All are welcome (including allies).