Asian Pacific Islander Subcommittee

The Asian Pacific Islander Resource Group exists to improve the quality of API students, faculty, and staff experiences on campus through actions and methods dedicated to celebrating our communities through programs and curriculum to celebrate API Heritage Month and through the provision of consultative support to the CCIE and to all College departments in service to the needs of API students, faculty, and staff of Saint Mary’s College.

Read our Response to the Recent Attacks on API Identities: A Letter from Asian Pacific Islanders Subcommittee and Kathy Littles 

The Asian Pacific Islander Subcommittee of the College Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CCIE) is outraged & angered by the horrific attacks on API people across the nation. We are calling on the Saint Mary's College community to become knowledgeable and to take action against any and all manifestations of structural racism and violence.  In the past few weeks, an 84 year old Thai man, Vicha Ratannapakdee, was killed after being pushed to the ground in San Francisco; an elderly Chinese man is shoved and thrown to the ground, a Chinese man is robbed at gunpoint in front of his home, and over 20 attacks against elderly women are reported all in Oakland’s Chinatown; a Filipino man, Noel Quintana, in New York City is slashed across his face with a blade; in San Jose a Vietnamese grandmother is robbed and assaulted; a recent fire occurred at the Vietnamese American Community Center of the East Bay. Unfortunately, this list is not exhaustive; more robberies and assaults are coming to light daily. 

Read in full here.

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Asian Cultural Week's Theme: Reconnecting… In times of vaccines, virtual happy hours, and violent struggles, we are navigating through a world that has forced us to reflect on our lives. Acknowledging the adversity, we are working to better ourselves, our communities, and our understanding of our cultures. We are making a collective comeback by looking at our roots, our present self, and imagining the future to see who we are meant to be. With love and hope, we are......Finding our way

Asian Pacific American History Month Events: April 27th - May 5th 

Subcommittee Members: Hwa Seong (Christine) Oh, Hilda Ma, Michael Viola, Samantha Alberto, Sudha Shrestha, Luz Casquejo Johnston, Russell Peralta, Maya Patel, Loan Dao & Ardi Samonte