CCIE Committee Structure

Shared Language and Understanding

Saint Mary’s College is committed to diversity. The CCIE will begin with shared language and understanding that calls upon all of us to defend the goodness, dignity and freedom of each person and to foster sensitivity to social and ethical concerns. Our mission also calls upon students, faculty, administrators and staff from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds to come together to grow in knowledge, wisdom and compassion to become active and effective global citizens.

Diversity refers to the uniqueness among individuals in terms of background, ideas, values, and experiences. In the Saint Mary's College community, we are aware of differences in age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic class, ability, race, and ethnicity. We recognize that these differences can create imbalances in power, privilege, and access to resources and opportunities. We also recognize that in order to realize equity on our college campus, we need to create an environment where all persons are respected and included in the campus dialogue. In order to achieve this, we need to develop cultural competence in all persons at the College.

Cultural competence is the ability to recognize one's own social position and privilege, suspend assumptions about those who are different from us, respect multiple perspectives, and interact ethically and effectively with all members of the community. Cultural competence is the capacity to navigate a variety of environments with the understanding that decisions and policies that are the products of an inclusive dialogue are more powerful than prescriptive mandates. Cultural competence is aimed at defending the dignity and freedom of each person and fostering sensitivity to social, cultural, economic, religious, and political difference.

Inclusive excellence is the result of an institution's organizational structures, policies, and values that together create a climate in which diversity is viewed as a vital asset of the institution. Inclusive excellence fosters open dialogue, civility, trust, and good faith. Saint Mary's College believes that inclusivity as a college community is necessary for us to be an excellent institution of higher learning.

This college-wide effort toward advancing inclusive excellence will be co-led by the Provost and a tenured faculty member.  Leading this committee will be a significant responsibility, and the faculty Chair will receive 50% reassigned time for this commitment. The CCIE will also be given a budget for implementation of recommendations. Members of the CCIE will be selected by the President and Provost.  Faculty membership and leadership will be based on consultation with the Senate Chair. Members of the CCIE will hold leadership positions in the College with the authority to implement the changes recommended by the CCIE and possess awareness, knowledge, and skill in inclusive leadership. At least one member of the CCIE shall be a Christian Brother.  Staff and administrative membership is based on position rather than person.

Vision Statement

We of Saint Mary’s College of California are dedicated to treating all people with dignity and respect in ways that acknowledge and engage diverse backgrounds and ideas.  Our policies, practices and behaviors foster a safe and inclusive community and promote learning that is equitable, collaborative, and inspired by the presence of God in and among us.

Primary activities

  1. Articulate and promote the educational imperative for inclusive excellence;
  2. Advise and review the development of institutional, unit, and school diversity and inclusion goals;
  3. Develop and support strategies that improve the recruitment and retention of underrepresented students, staff, and faculty;
  4. Sponsor and coordinate opportunities for the development of cultural competence; and,
  5. Support initiatives that advance the knowledge, practice, and recognition of inclusive excellence.


  • Senior Diversity Officer – Co-Chair
  • Provost – Co-Chair
  • Academic Senate Chairperson
  • Advancement Representative
  • Associated Students Representative
  • Assistant Vice Provost Student Success Office;
  • Budget Committee Chairperson
  • Center for Women Gender Equity representative
  • Christian Brother (appointed by Cummins Institute)
  • Dean of Students
  • Faculty representative from each School
    (appointed by Senate Committee on Committees)
  • Human Resources Resources
  • Intercultural Center (1 staff, 1 student)
  • Staff Council Chairperson
  • Vice President for Mission
  • Vice Provost Student Life

Terms of Membership

  • The term of membership on the CCIE for those serving as representatives of a designated group (and not those there by virtue of their position) is expected to be three years.
  • Faculty members of the CCIE shall be appointed by the Committee on Committees of the Academic Senate.
  • The non-exempt staff member of the CCIE shall be selected by the Chair of the Staff Council in consultation with the Director of Human Resources.
  • Undergraduate student representatives shall be expected to serve one-year terms and will be selected by the Vice Provost of Student Life in consultation with the president of the associated student body.  At least one representative should hold an elected position, with the other representatives serving at large. 
  • The graduate student representative will serve for one year and be selected by the Provost in consultation with the Chair of the Graduate Council.

Executive Structure

  • The Provost and the Senior Diversity Officer will serve as co-chairs 
  • One chairperson from each CCIE subcommittee will serve on the executive committee. 
  • The BIRT co-chair will serve on the executive committee.

Subcommittee structure

  • Executive Committee: Role is to set agenda and advance policies. Membership includes CCIE co-chairs, one co-chair from each subcommittee.
  • Training, Development, and Assessment: Role is to lead GUIDE and ODMI planning, CCIE development, and guage needs and effectiveness of CCIE funded programs. Chair is to be appointed by the CCIE Co-chairs.
  • Program and Budget:  Responsible for monitoring budget and awarding process, program review, sponsorship and planning, obtaining reports regarding funded proposals. Chair is to be appointed by the CCIE Co-chairs.
  • Bias Incident Response Team: Co-chairs are Senior Diversity Officer and Dean of Students. 
    • Educate the Saint Mary's community about the protocol for reporting bias incidents and crimes and the role of BIRT in determining whether reports are bias-related.
    • Support target(s) of bias incidents and hate crimes, including those who are directly involved as well as identity groups that may be affected.
    • Collect and share all bias incidents and hate crime reports with the Saint Mary's community, including BIRT's response to each report without revealing confidential and personal information.
    • Monitor the campus climate around issues of diversity and civility.
    • Recommend appropriate actions and educational programs that are both preventative and responsive to bias incidents and hate crimes.
  • Communication and Community: Responsible for outreach to campus community on CCIE committments and initiatives, promotional support for CCIE funded events and programs, and developing discussion guidelines/talking points about CCIE committments and initiatives. Chair: Vice President for College Communication.
  • Student Life: Responsible for overview of policies as related to orientation, residence hall curriculum, student policies, student leadership training. Chair:  Vice Provost for Student Life.
  • Black Lives Matter: Responsibilities include developing and making recommendations to the CCIE as well as providing direct support and advocacy on the following:
    • Identify the opportunity gaps and call for changes in support of Black graduate and undergraduate students’ academic and personal success, as well as promote and ensure a safe and welcoming College experience
    • Promote and ensure that Black faculty and staff who work at Saint Mary's College have an equitable and safe environment to thrive and excel as well as identify the opportunity gaps and call for changes in support as needed
    • Serve as a campus and community resource for events, curricular and co-curricular opportunities, and organizational information that is of interest or benefit to Black students, faculty and staff
      Co-Chairs: One faculty member, one staff member, and one student representative of the Black Student Union. 
  • Latinx Concerns: (charge in development)
  • Staff Concerns and Supports: (charge in development)
  • Advancement and Alumni Concerns: (charge in development)

Membership of the committees will be based primarily on alignment with institutional areas of responsibility.  Each committee will be expected to meet between scheduled CCIE meetings and to report to the whole CCIE. 

Advisory Committees

There will be two advisory committees that meet regularly in order to make recommendations to the CCIE on issues relevant to faculty, staff, and students. The Student Advisory Committee and the Faculty/Staff Advisory Committee will each have a liaison from the CCIE as a member in order to facilitate communication between the CCIE and the advisory committees.