Employee Benefit Advisory Committee Tenets

Employee Work/Life Program Tenets (employee benefits) as developed by the Employee Benefits Advisory Committee (EBAC), Spring 2014.

1. Employee Benefits are part of the college’s total compensation strategy and must be considered as part of a holistic employee engagement.

2. The employee benefits program(s) offered should align with Saint Mary’s College principles. Programs offered will treat all members of the College community with fairness and in a way that supports our families.

3. Where practical the programs offered should be designed to include choices for employees that match their individual needs, beliefs and circumstances.

4. The programs’ financials (budget) should operate within agreed upon (or approved) targets and be easy to project and budget.

5. Employees should share in the cost of their particular health care plans or coverage options in a way that reflects the relative value of their choices.

6. Wellness initiatives will be supported and promoted.

7. There will be open communication with the campus community about the design, cost and value of the benefit program as well as the decision-making processes involved.

8. All means should be leveraged to contain costs, ease administration and to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and value to all participants.