Time Off

Policies and procedures for paid time-off can cover many situations: vacation, sick time, etc. Find further details below, and review your employee rights.

Saint Mary’s College views benefits as an integral part of the overall compensation program. The College strives to offer comprehensive as well as competitive benefits programs in order to attract and retain employees. 

The Director of Benefits, under the direction of the Director of Human Resources, is responsible for implementing all benefit policies and programs. Employees can obtain benefits information from the Human Resources office, including booklets, brochures, enrollment forms, claims forms, and other information related to benefits. Coverage is automatic only for benefits required by law (social security, worker’s compensation, state unemployment and disability benefits), and for the College’s Emeriti program for those hired on or after July 1st, 2007. Each employee is personally responsible for enrolling in a timely fashion in all other benefit programs for which the employee is eligible. All appropriate enrollment forms must be completed within the first 30 days of employment. For benefits with 30-day eligibility requirements (e.g., insurance programs), coverage begins on the first day of any given month.