SLICE = Student Leaders in Community Engagement

What is SLICE?

SLICE (Student Leaders in Community Engagement) is designed for academically motivated Honors Program students who are invested in using what they learn to improve the lives of others.

SLICE participants study issues of leadership, justice or equity in their major or minor discipline and put their knowledge to use through the creation of a project that addresses an issue and meets a need in the community.

As an upper division, two-semester independent study of academic distinction, SLICE is initiated in the Fall semester (1 course credit) and completed in the Spring semester (.25 credit).  SLICE students identify and invite a faculty member in his or her major or minor discipline to serve as an instructor of record, registering for that department’s independent study (Examples: COM 197 or CHEM 197).  The SLICE project is worth one Honors Contract (20 points) and students receive Community Engagement (CE) credit.

Students work closely with their faculty members throughout the year. In the fall, they will meet with their instructors every other week. Throughout the year they will participate in a twice-monthly seminar in Catholic Social Thought, leadership, and community engagement led by Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action (CILSA) staff.  This will provide an underpinning for the development of the community-based project with a community partner

Student and Faculty Testimonials

“SLICE provided me with an unparalleled opportunity for growth and service and came to define my undergraduate experience. I studied the political economy of food systems and received individual attention from Professor Patrizia Longo. Partnering with The Urban Farmers was rewarding, as I engaged in service that connected with my research, learned about leadership and project management, and contributed to enhancing food security in Contra Costa County. The SLICE cohort seminars offered a safe space for reflection and provided tangible resources. I was honored to present at conferences in Seattle and New York, and a modified version of my final paper was published by an undergraduate research journal. SLICE solidified my passion for food justice and provided me with a sharper understanding of the future I want to create for myself and those struggling with food security." -Aleenah Mehta, Former SLICE Student

"SLICE is a great opportunity for faculty to work with a student on a project they care about, to learn more together and to make a difference." -Patrizia Longo, Politics Professor & SLICE Instructor

If you are interested in learning more about SLICE, contact Sarah Dempsey at or (925) 631-8543.