Honors Student Commission

The Honors Student Commission is the student governing body of the Saint Mary’s College Honors Program. The St. Mary's College Honors Program Student Commission affords Honors students the unique opportunity of  helping to make decisions about how the Honors Program should function as well as overseeing the day to day operations of the Honors program. In keeping with the SMC Honors Program student driven focus, the Commission brings together students who work as a team to produce a variety of events benefitting the college community, and oversee the academic and social well-being of fellow Honors Program students.

We do this by lending our voices to issues regarding academics, exhibiting the Honors Program to the community, recruiting new Honors students, and bringing the unique students of the Honors Program together in both shared inquiry and just plain old fashioned fun. In fulfilling these duties, the Honors Commissioners develop diverse skill sets which they will be able to take with them into the world after St. Mary's. Most of all, the Commission offers students a unique opportunity to integrate themselves into and define a program such that it is truly responsive to its membership and serving the needs of every Honors student

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