Honors Living Community

2013-2014 Assumptionites at the Freshmen Olympics!
The Saint Mary’s College Honors Program offers talented and dedicated students the support and mentorship necessary to develop their exceptional potential in all aspects of their collegiate careers.

To this purpose, the program is interdisciplinary and co-curricular with internship, community service, research and expanded study opportunities catered to the needs of each individual student. 

Because a great deal of growth, intellectual and otherwise, occurs outside the classroom, integral to the Saint Mary’s Honors experience is the Honors Living Community designed to support incoming freshman honors students in their first year at the college. 

The honors dorm, Assumption Hall, features a full kitchen, recreation lounge, and study lounge unique among freshman dorms.  Live-in tutors specializing in the sciences and the humanities, and dedicated live-in faculty help create a community both supportive and intellectually stimulating. 

Tutor sessions, informal discussions, hall dinners are common scheduled events, as are a variety of off-campus trips to the theater, museums, sporting events etc. 

As an inclusive, open community we live by the belief that neither personal potential, nor true tolerance of difference can be achieved in the absence of shared experience. 

For more information about how you can become involved with the Honors Living Community, contact Mary Volmer.