Have you considered officially applying for the Saint Mary’s Honors Program? 

Dear first-year students,

Note: even those of you who signed an interest form this summer will need to fill out an official Honors Program Application if you wish to continue next year.  This application will allow you to consider your choice and make the decision that best fits your goals and lifestyle.


Beyond the opportunity to earn honors course credit on your college transcript, the honors program offers a community of dedicated students who wish to fully develop their abilities and to find ways to use those abilities in the service of others.  The program also offers internship and career development workshops, travel abroad seminars, social justice and community service opportunities, and subsidized social activities.


To graduate from the Honors Program you must complete two upper division Honors Contract Courses and a senior thesis.  A Contact Course allows you, under the guidance of a professor in an upper division class of your choice, to develop an augmented curriculum that fits your specific scholarly interests.  You may also have the option of taking honors sections of select lower division courses.  As one focus distinguishing the Saint Mary’s Honors Program is our commitment to addressing issues of social justice and acting for needed social change, you will have the opportunity to add a social justice emphasis to your contracts and your thesis.

Admission and Matriculation Requirements:

*3.5 Cumulative Saint Mary's GPA

*Record of community involvement or leadership, or a strong statement of intent.

*A professor familiar with you and your work as a reference.

*Completed Application and Essay

Timeline for applying to the Honors Program:

Honors Program information sessions take place in November each year, and applications are sent to the students who attend those sessions. Applications are due in December of each year. Prospective students are notified of their status in the program in January.


David Bird, Ph.D.
Honors Program Director
Saint Mary’s College