SMC Efforts

What we've done so far.. 

Saint Mary’s College

Smoke Free Campus Policy Initiative

Timeline of Events


Educational Campaign

  1. 1.    October
    1. Cigarette butt Litter Pick Up-  On October 21st, 11 ASSMC Senators collected over 2100 cigarette butts in just one hour of service to demonstrate the magnitude of litter accumulated by cigarettes on the SMC campus.
    2. 2.    November
      1. Great American Smoke Out-  On November 1st, PATCH students and the ASSMC Junior Class Senators began an educational campaign to promote awareness about the dangers of smoking by installing a one day exhibit of tombstones on De La Salle Lawn.
      2. Student Smoke Free Campus Policy Survey Dissemination-  For the first two weeks in November, a student survey was disseminated to gather data regarding smoking behavior, perception, and attitudes towards a new tobacco policy for our campus. 
      3. Advocacy Training by CYAN-  Junior class senators received an Advocacy training by California Youth Advisory Network leaders.  The training consisted of information about current movement to implement smoke free campuses nationwide, current tobacco trends, and the tobacco industry’s college population based marketing.
      4. d.    Photovoice Project & Educational Displayboards-  PATCH students installed an educational display in the library to promote awareness about the cost of smoking, the impact on campus beauty, the ingredients in a cigarette, and potential quit resources. 
      5. Collegian Articles-  Three Collegian articles were released to increase awareness and promote conversations regarding opinions of a new policy and the current efforts on campus.
      6. 3.    February
        1. a.    Student Resolution for Support- A unanimous vote passed to sign a resolution for support from the Associated Students of Saint Mary’s College.
        2. 4.    May
          1. Smoke Free Campus Policy Committee-  A committee was formed and the first meeting was held on May 3rd to discuss next steps for the policy initiative. 
          2. b.    Student & Staff Climate Survey- Climate Survey was conducted by the Institutional Research Department and tobacco policy questions were included to measure support from staff and faculty.
          3. c.    Staff Council Resolution for Support-  A unanimous vote passed to sign a resolution for support from the Staff Council of Saint Mary’s College.