Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the GMBA program?  [back to top]
The Global MBA Program is an accelerated global MBA program (48 quarter units in 12 months) designed for mid-career and senior executives who have a minimum of 5 years’ business experience. The time-efficient format and unique curriculum enables full-time working professionals to continue their career while earning an MBA degree and gaining valuable hands-on experience with global perspectives.

When does the program start? [back to top]
The Global MBA Program starts once a year in April. 

What is the delivery format? [back to top]
Participants enter the program, complete classes, and graduate with the same group, known as a “cohort,” of experienced professionals. Each of the 12 courses lasts one month and includes on campus classroom sessions for two consecutive weekends (two weekends a month) and one mid-week online class after the classroom sessions have been completed for the month. Two of the class modules are held overseas in Asia, Europe, South America, or Oceana to provide international immersion. The final class is the presentation of the capstone consulting project.

What courses are taken? [back to top]
Global MBA courses cover many of the same areas as the traditional Saint Mary’s MBA program, including accounting, finance, economics, management and marketing. Courses cover the functional areas of business and the integration of those areas so that participants gain an understanding of the enterprise as a whole in a global business environment.

Tell me more about the group projects? [back to top]
Global MBA students will complete a real business project working with a global company or not-for-profit organization with operations in a developing country. The projects are carefully selected with the goal to elevate the quality of life and livelihoods in a developing country with the goal of reducing, and ultimately eliminating, world poverty.

What degree will I receive?  [back to top]
Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, you earn a WASC-accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The diploma is the same one earned through the Saint Mary’s College of California’s Executive MBA and Professional MBA programs.

What are the 10 major career benefits for me? [back to top]

  1. Extensive global managerial and executive skills
  2. Collaborative learning with world-class participants
  3. Functional and cross-industry knowledge in a global context
  4. Integrate academic knowledge/theory with global real-world practice
  5. Key functional knowledge required in upper management positions
  6. Expansive alumni network in a unique network of global partners
  7. Flexible, fast-paced format allows you to maximize your presence at work while enabling you to get a truly global education
  8. Global business connections through Saint Mary’s alumni network of over 40,000 contacts around the world
  9. Well-rounded cultural education including valuable seminars on language, art, and culture
  10. Prestigious MBA degree from a leading program with an excellent reputation and ranking

What are the program's benefits for my employer? [back to top]

  • It is a time-efficient, accelerated MBA program which will take 12 months
  • Your learning can be applied immediately
  • You will continue to work in your position with enhanced productivity
  • You can apply functional and cross-industry knowledge with a global context

How are candidates selected for the Global MBA program? [back to top]
Participants are selected on the basis of their academic background, managerial accomplishments, professional and educational goals, potential for achieving leadership positions, and their anticipated contribution to the cohort. Participants come from all types of organizations and industries. While a minimum of 5 years work experience is required, the average Global MBA participant has 15+ years work experience. Participants benefit from the extensive collective professional experience of the other members of their cohort.

What does the tuition cover? [back to top]

Tuition for the Global MBA Program covers the entire 12-month program. The cost includes lodging, meals and in-country transportation during the international trips.

You may pay the tuition in four installments, which is billed at the beginning of each academic quarter.

The tuition does not cover airfare, transportation from the airport to the hotel, passport, visa costs or any necessary inoculations.

How can I learn more? [back to top]
The best way to learn about Global MBA Program is to come to one of our Information Sessions held around the Bay Area or Online.  To experience the classroom environment and interact with current students and faculty sign up to be a participant for a day. You can also contact us at for more information or call (925) 631-4888.