Course Descriptions

Left Brain. Right Brain.

Our curriculum shifts mindsets and embeds critical management skills through an integrated and interrelated set of courses.

MKT 702 - Global Management Communication You will develop a set of key competencies for leadership in today’s global context by examining your strengths and areas for growth, and initiating an action plan for further learning and growth. Competencies and skills covered include communicating with outsiders and insiders, in a global context. You will develop your verbal and written communication skills, and listening and presentation skills. You will gain a theoretical and practical foundation of the practices of comparative international business communication in individual national settings.

OPS 704 - Data Analysis and Research Methods for Global Business
You will learn to use data analysis to support of global managerial decision-making. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, probability models, decision theory, applied statistical analysis, and deterministic forecasting models. You will also have the opportunity to sharpen your computer spreadsheet skills. Basic research methods for research global consulting projects are also covered.

GMAN 701 - Managing and Leading Global Organizations (Travel Course)
You will develop skills essential for global managerial success through exercises in executive leadership, creativity, empowering people, communication and team building in global organizations. Problems of motivation, leadership, job satisfaction, team dynamics, and organizational restructuring are addressed. You will also consider methods of changing organizational behavior by applying behavioral technologies. Activities include hands-on team-based games, managerial leadership exercises, self-assessment instruments, experiential exercises, personality inventories, and high-performance team building in global settings.

This class is conducted in the country of your social services project allowing your team to collect the appropriate primary data to complete your project. Students will also learn about base of the pyramid operations and challenges through case studies, site visits and industry/government lectures.

ECON 703 - Economic Analysis for Global Business
You will study the application of economic concepts to the management of global firms by analyzing customer demand factors, forecasting customer demand in international contexts, and gaining an understanding of global supply and outsourcing decisions. Other topics include:  treatment of relevant and irrelevant costs for business decision-making; issues of optimal firm scale and scope; vertical integration versus the use of outside global suppliers; and product pricing in diverse international contexts.  You will examine competitive industry structures and the application of economic analysis in understanding managerial decisions in different market structures in different global contexts.

OPS 705 - Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
You will study modern methods and techniques of managing global operations in organizations to meet customer demands, improve quality, reduce waste of resources, and increase product flexibility.  Topics include production and service planning, resource management, and operations scheduling, including the application of the latest techniques of supply chain management to the global firm.

ACCTG 706 - Managerial Accounting for Global Decisions
You will learn how to analyze and make decisions using company financial statements and financial ratios, as well as their relevance in the context of the International Financial Reporting System (IFRS). Case studies including the balance sheets of major international companies will be used to teach you how to compare a company’s performance with its global competitors and budget of capital expenses. The course provides an introduction to the use of accounting data in global cost management, including activity-based costing, economic value added, and balanced scorecard approaches.

FIN 707 - Global Managerial Finance
This course provides an advanced treatment of issues in corporate finance in a global context including investment decision-making, financial analysis and planning, risk management and short- and long-term financing of investments. You will examine how corporate financing, dividend, leasing, and hedging policies impact the value of the global firm, as well as examine the use of debt versus equity shares to finance projects. This course provides an executive introduction to the operation of global financial markets, including the causes and role of financial crisis, the evaluation of company investments, and management strategies in the presence of risk in a global context. You will also examine factors influencing currency exchange rates and how to cope with currency risk.

MKT 708 - Global Marketing Management
You will gain an integrated overview of global marketing management, with emphasis on the four controllable managerial variables (the “4Ps”): product, price, promotion, and place (channels of distribution). The goal is show the relationship of these variables to the firm’s global marketing strategy and to its overall corporate strategy.  Topics include the role of marketing, marketing research, market segmentation, new product development, marketing mix, channels of distribution, marketing communication, and strategic market planning. (Note: A South American version of this course is also offered.)

ORB 711 – Interfaith Leadership, Ethics, and Corporate Governance in Global Business
This course focuses on ethical, social, and governance issues for responsible global business leadership. You will gain understanding of interfaith leadership, its relationship to religio-cultural competency, and its application for effective, values-based business leadership. You will also develop an understanding of the relationship of ethical values to effective business judgment, analytical tools for ethical decision-making, and theories of corporate social responsibility and their application. Further, you will gain knowledge about corporate governance.

MGT 712 - Global Business Strategy
This course provides an integrative treatment of global strategic management and strategic alliances. Topics include:  analysis of the firm in the global competitive context, decisions to enter foreign markets, how to compete in global markets, and how to develop and implement a global strategy.  You will be confronted with actual competitive situations and will be asked to provide feedback on the consequences of various types of decisions.

MGT 713 - Managing Global Competition and Cooperation
You will examine the opportunities and problems of managing firms in an environment of global competition. The course has three broad areas: the international business environment; the sources and nature of competitive advantage in global industries; and global strategies. Topics include the process of globalization, the global financial and monetary system, cross-cultural management, comparative national business systems, organizational design for global competition, host country relations, and market assessment.

GMAN 754 International Management: Doing Business in World Regions (Travel Course)

GMAN 778 Consulting Project Presentations

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