For Vendors

Vendors from off campus can contract with Student Involvement and Leadership to come to campus and showcase services that meet specific student needs. The goal of the program is to connect students with companies that not only interest them, but also companies that are responsive to the needs and goals of our community.

By introducing them to companies that interest them and offer great customer service, we are providing opportunities for them to set up relationships that will last a lifetime.

We are happy to host our vendors in specified locations around our campus. You will see many students as they pass you on the way to class, lunch, the bookstore and post office. View the campus map.

Vendor Pricing:
$75 per day - 8:00am - 3:00pm

You will be supplied one six foot table and two chairs.

Additional six-foot tables may be requested at an additional cost of $25.00 for up to 2 extra sets of tables and chairs.

There is a special $50 per day fee for non-profit companies and organizations. Contact Student Involvement & Leadership for more information. 

Vendor Guidelines
Please review all guidelines at the bottom of the page before submitting your space reservation application.

What we will need from you:
Once you fill out the space reservation application, you will receive a personalized confirmation email. This email will contain forms, which you must complete to reserve your space.

Campus Vendor Registration

Vendor Contact
Student Involvement and Leadership