Black Alumni Chapter

The Black Alumni Chapter strives to develop programs and activities that stimulate the participation of black graduates. The Black Alumni Chapter's "Mission, Vision and Values" guides our path as follows:


The Saint Mary’s College Black Alumni Chapter exists to create a supportive, progressive and integrated community, by providing resources to support the advancement of alumni and students.


To make the SMC Experience accessible to all people of African American heritage and help ensure their success.


The primary focus of the group is to support African American undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, faculty, staff, and administration.  The Black Alumni Chapter will achieve this objective through the following: 

  • Focus on the Recruitment, Retention, Outreach, Scholarship, Mentorship, and Networking of black alumni and students. 
  • Promote awareness of African American history and legacy.
  • Advance the wisdom and knowledge gained through the Black Student Union and the Black Alumni Chapter. 
  • Connect with the community and students through social responsibility and education.
  • Create annual and endowed funds for financial support of scholarships, programs, and historical projects. 

Get Involved

For ways to get involved, please contact Chairperson S. Jamila Buckner at

For information regarding the BAC Annual Scholarship Fund, please contact Daniel Lewis at (925) 631-4616 or

Meeting Minutes

3/24/11, 3/25/10, 2/4/10, 10/15/09, 8/19/09, 6/11/09, 5/12/09

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