Cost of Attendance

Tuition, fees, and living expenses make up the cost of attendance. Tuition and fees differ depending on the program you are in. The links below will guide you to the most recent information.

Tuition & Fees

School of Economics and Business Administration  (Graduate Business Office)

Kalmanovitz School of Education

Graduate Kinesiology Program

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Education for Arts Professionals (LEAP)

Master of Arts in Leadership

Master of Fine Arts in Dance



Monthly Budget for Independent Students

ROOM $1,173
BOARD $389
TOTAL $2,013

*Books are estimated at $1,665 per academic year

Budget Appeals

Students can appeal to increase their Cost of Attendance in order to be considered for more loan eligibility or to cover an over-award of aid. The following items can be, based on documentation, considered:

  • Transportation - if student drives a car and is requesting additional transportation allowance for tolls and mileage in excess of the standard budget to and from campus and/or employment (not purchase of car, insurance or car repairs).
  • Medical Expenses not covered by insurance (e.g. check-ups, lab work, prescriptions, dental, optical therapy). documentation to include billing statement, cancelled checks or estimate from physician. Include documentation from insurance company of what is not covered.
  • Computer Purchase and/or software up to the cost of item from the SMC Bookstore.
  • Other costs to budget can include rent or home mortgage payments plus utilities based on mortgage statements, rent leases and bills not to exceed 20% of standard budget. Married students only account for half of housing costs.
  • Books and Supplies would require and itemized list approved and signed by the faculty advisor.

The following expenses are not allowable for budget increases:

  • Credit card payments
  • Job interview expenses
  • Educational Loan repayment
  • Purchase/maintenance of car
  • Additional allowance for food
  • Discretionary (optional) medical or dental procedures