Faculty Research Grant Winner Rebecca Anguiano

Socially Just Family Engagement in Urban Schools: Stories of Transformation and Implications for Inclusive School Practices

rIn collaboration with a colleague,  Rebecca Anguiano seeks to examine their unique model of parent engagement developed to serve families with children attending high-poverty, urban schools. They aimed to create a humanizing experience for families by combining a Freirian (1970) model of popular education with a grass-roots community organizing approach (Warren & Mapp, 2011). Qualitative interviews and quantitative survey data with Latinx immigrant families who participated in the program spurred new questions for theory development. Their purpose is two-fold: (a) First, using grounded theory methodologies (Charmaz, 2014), they will use the first round of qualitative results to solicit community feedback from the families at school site 1, incorporating these community discussions into the next iteration of analyses. In this way, they aim to engage in participatory research practices that honor the communities they have collaborated with, further validate their model of family engagement, and continue theory development with regard to family engagement in inner-city schools. (b) Next, they will utilize a qualitative, comparative case-study design to investigate the implementation of the model of family engagement at the second school site in east Oakland.