Mentoring Program

Our Mission

The mentoring program led by the Faculty Development aims to:

  1. provide new faculty members holistic and personalized mentorship by senior faculty members;
  2. provide new faculty members a space to build a peer-to-peer professional and social network;
  3. assist new faculty members with their transition to the SMC community through targeted workshops and a retreat;
  4. assist new faculty members navigate teaching, scholarship, and service activities; and
  5. learn from new faculty how SMC as a community can build a more inclusive environment. 


 Fall Semester Events

  • New Faculty Orientation
  • Luncheons with the New Faculty Cohort
  • A Weekend Retreat in Napa
  • Social: Meet and Greet with Junior Faculty Members


Faculty Development Designated Mentors for the New Faculty


Mentors for the AY 2019-20 Cohort

  • Rebecca Anguiano, Ph.D., KSOE
  • Michael Barram, Ph.D., SOLA
  • Andy Conner, Ph.D., SOS
  • Cathy Finger, Ph.D., SEBA
  • Ellen Rigsby, Ph.D., SOLA
  • Denise Witzig, Ph.D., SOLA