Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing the Environmental Science and Studies Programs, students will be able to...
  • Recall and synthesize the knowledge derived from biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, economics, and political science to better understand the earth’s environment;
  • Comprehend environmental problems from multiple perspectives;
  • Evaluate the credibility of varied sources of information on environment;
  • Display cognizance of ethical considerations and be mindful of them when constructing solutions to environmental problems;
  • Recognize the interconnectedness of earth’s ecosystems and human dependance on them; 
  • Communicate skillfully environmental findings through seminars, written scientific reports and visual presentations;
  • Know how to find information on environmental topics from library sources, original scientific literature and the Internet;
  • Demonstrate competence in using the basic equipment used to gather information on the environment; and
  • Recognize processes and patterns of environmental interactions.