Public Reports

Please reference the following reports.

June 2009 - The Economic Impact of Saint Mary's College On the Local Community (PDF)
This report describes the economic impact of Saint Mary’s College on the Town of Moraga and the wider Lamorinda community. It addresses the question: what do the students, faculty and staff, along with the College’s physical plant and facilities, contribute to the economic vitality of the Town and the local area?

October 30, 2007 - The Bumblebee Flies Anyway: A Qualitative Analysis of Educational Resilience in Alternative High Schools in Contra Costa County (PDF)
The focus of the project was to determine what material factors do traditionally at-risk students, in an alternative high school setting, identify as determinative in their decision to continue their education through graduation.

September 2006 - East Bay Water Sources and a Pilot Study of User Response to a Potential Supply Disruption (PDF)
The purpose of the Water Task Force Consultancy (WTFC) is to conduct a pilot study to investigate the responses which would be made by the East Bay business community to a disruption in their water supply and to assess the economic impacts of such disruption. The disruption could be sudden due to area levee failure, natural disaster or hostile acts. Alternatively, it could be due to chronic lack of water availability resulting from drought or inadequate infrastructure investment.

July 20, 2006 - The Precautionary Principle:What It Is and Lessons for Contra Costa County (PDF)
The purpose of this report is to:

  • Describe the precautionary principle, its crucial points and alternatives to it;
  • Describe how the PP has been applied in other jurisdictions, particularly in Northern California areas that often provide models of new regulatory actions;
  • Consider the Principle’s potential to affect business, government, the environment, and economic vitality in Contra Costa County.