About Us

The Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action (CILSA) is working toward the day when all people collaborate to enact social justice, inclusion, and sustainability in every aspect of life. 

Founded in 1999, CILSA collaborates with students, faculty, staff and community partners to create and sustain transformative community engagement experiences inspired by the Catholic, Lasallian and Liberal Arts traditions.

CILSA is an academic center that aims to be a leader in the scholarship, theory, and practice of community engagement.

hhhHEAD – CILSA fosters students' intellectual development, content knowledge, and capacities for critical reflection about issues of justice and pathways for change.

HEART – CILSA supports students' emotional engagement and meaning-making in community engagement; students also explore their growing sense of purpose and vocation. 

HANDS – Through CILSA, students engage in practical action in the world to apply knowledge, to explore skills and interests, and to learn about social justice while contributing to the common good. 

 Q: Where can I find CILSA on campus?

 A: CILSA offices can be found at two different locations on campus: 

1. CILSA Information & Resource Center (IRC), a.k.a. “The Fishbowl” 1st Floor of Ferroggiaro Hall (across from the ATM machine)

Visit CILSA student leaders in the IRC to sign up for ongoing community engagement opportunities and social justice education program. The Fishbowl is CILSA’s “front door” – a leadership, justice and spirituality hub for all of our programs. 

2. CILSA Administrative Offices 2nd Floor of Ferroggiaro Hall (Suite 203) (Learn more about CILSA staff)