Are you interested in being a Resident Director?

The Office of Residential Experience is looking for staff/faculty/graduate students to join our residential staff as a Resident Director! To learn more about the position, please click here.  


A Resident Director (RD) is responsible for developing and nurturing a safe, inclusive, and engaged residential community. The RD is charged with helping to create a home for all students, supporting the progression and transition of   students at the College. The RD is responsible for helping to  create a residential community that fosters an environment that helps students experience a connection and sense of belonging to their residence hall. The RD must be a caring   presence, accessible to all residents, who supports, inspires and challenges residents to achieve academic and personal   success. 

The RD works closely with the Director of Residential Experience to provide supervision of the undergraduate   Resident Advisor (RA) position. The RD is responsible for supporting the learning outcomes of the RA position through mentorship, supervision, and engagement.

The RD is expected to model conduct that supports the mission, vision, and values of Saint Mary’s College and the   Office of Residential Experience. The RD is expected to communicate and demonstrate interpersonal actions that model high standards of professional, responsible, and  ethical conduct.

This is a live-in position that generally requires 20 or more hours of availability on a weekly basis.