Policy Meetings

Get a closer look at what the council does behind closed doors...

Every month, the Academic Honor Council holds Policy Meetings to discuss academic integrity, Honor Code revisions,  the adjudication process, and much more.


One responsitility of our diverse group of facutly and student members is attending the monthly Policy Meetings. This is crucial because it is one of the few times the council members meet as a whole and discuss important topics. At these meetings there is a long agenda that consists of "Gael Hugs" awarded to members that go above and beyond, updates on things such as our website, AHC social events, new members, and policy changes. The rest of our agenda mainly consists of discussions regarding changing or adding code language, current issues that need to be brought to the Council's attention, or appeal hearings. Ultimately, our Policy Meetings are a chance for members to have an open and respectful atmosphere to collaborate.
Without this council, the Honor Code would not be what it is today: unique and awesome.