Integrity Seminar

A solution-focused group designed to explore the value of personal and academic integrity. 

Facilitated by the Academic Honor Council Counselor, this group is an opportunity to explore personal integrity in a safe setting.  The learning outcomes involve the development of a personal definition of integrity.

Testimonials from past undergraduate and graduate Integrity Seminar students:

  • "I'm really glad I took this seminar, in fact every St. Mary's student should be required to take this" (2015).
  • "Doing what's right isn't always easy, but the right thing will always be best and take you where you want to go.  The right thing should be done at all times.  When in a group or by yourself.  Go hard or go home" (2011).
  • "I was embarrassed to be in this group when I walked in the room on the first day because I felt like I was being labled as a cheater.   But I soon realized that people make mistakes, and that this seminar wasn't about humiliating me.  This seminar has educated me about what having an honor code means to our community and how important it is to have personal integrity at all times becasue my actions don't just affect other students - the choices I make affect our community as a whole" (2009).
  • "This seminar showed me that by cheating, I was diminsihing the value of the SMC degree, and I was letting my classmates down by taking the easy way out" (2004).