Meet the Academic Honor Council

Meet the Academic Honor Council

Photograph:  2016-2017 Undergraduate Academic Honor Council Students


Student Members

Jacqueline Alvarado

Madeline Bird

Trevor Cardoza

Jynelle Cedro

Sophia Cipolla

Lilia Corral

Cary Feldman

Elizabeth James

Kendahl Montanez

Ally Montiel

Cesar Ramirez

Courtney Robinson

Henna Shaghasi

Ashley Torrecillas

Alison Wick

Faculty Members

Zach Flanagin

Catherine Finger-Podolsky

Dana Lawton

Michael Marchetti

Ani Moughamian

George Papagiannis

Kelly Weidner

Claire Williams

Lili Yan







Academic Honor Council Co-Chairs

Katie Lawson-Gill

James Stanton


What We Do

From speaking to students and faculty to holding review boards, the Academic Honor Council works to uphold integrity within the SMC academic community.

The diverse Academic Honor Council performs many services on the SMC Campus such as:

  • Working closely with the College's administration and faculty to promote academic integrity
  • Reviewing and revising the Academic Honor Code
  • Providing innovative interactive workshops for all First Year Academic Cohorts (FYAC) and first year/transfer Collegiate Seminar classes about academic integrity, honor code compliance, and Gael traditions
  • Reviewing all cases of alleged honor code violations through unbiased and fair adjudication process
  • Facilitating restorative educational Integrity Seminars for peers found in violation of the Academic Honor Code
  • And many more...

Interested in becoming a member of the Academic Honor Council ?  Contact us.