Upholding Academic Integrity


What can students do to support the academic honor code?

  • Ask your instructors about the academic honor code on the first day of every class.
  • When in doubt, ask your instructors about the academic honor code in conjunction with every assignment that is questionable.
  • Demand clear explanations of plagiarism, proper citation, and appropriate collaboration.
  • Attend public events held by the Academic Honor Council, and encourage your peers to attend
  • When you are found in violation of the Academic Honor Code, follow the procedures (see Reporting Academic Dishonesty).
  • Model appropriate behaviors.
  • Cite sources in your papers.
  • Don't copy from another student, no matter how tempted you are.  It is not worth the risk, you can receive an XF grade, even if you've completed an entire semester!
  • Do not tolerate cheating among your peers.   It not only isn't fair to you, but it devalues your SMC diploma.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to integrity.

How can I join the AHC?